Thursday, January 29, 2009

At the park

The other day it was too nice of a day not to get out of the house and spend some time at the park. Texas winters are very fickle. One day it's 70 degrees and the next it's 30. So you really have to take advantage of the nice days when they come around. I grabbed my camera, we went to the park, played some baseball, had a photo session, which was cut terminally short by a dead battery. All in all, it was a great day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weight Update

Hooray, hooray, today the scale is my friend. I was 141 lbs. I haven't seen that weight since I was first pregnant with Ryan! I'm at a 10 year low. That makes for me a seven pound loss in Phase I. Scott did fabulously as well. He lost a total of 8 pounds in Phase I.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go go gadget arm!

I was trying to keep Hadley occupied in her booster seat and in desperation I handed her the cheese grater. I of course watched her closely at all times so that she didn't injure herself. But it ended up being quite entertaining. She put it on her arm, and Ben said, "Ally (that's how he pronounces her name) has a robot arm!" He was quite entertained by the spectacle.
This is the picture that especially reminded me of, "Go, go Gadget arm!"
Awwwwww! Haddie LOVES the cheese grater! What a funny baby!
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Haircut cuties

Due to our second infestation of lice (super yuck-o disgusting, and did I mention that I object?) I did what they say you are not supposed to do, I got someone to cut both of the girls' hair. A lot of things I read on the website says that cutting hair short as a result of lice traumatizes them. Much to my relief, they seem to both really enjoy their new haircuts and they look super cute!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

As part of our New Year's Resolutions to be more healthy, Scott and I have started the South Beach diet. It was developed by a cardiologist, and in my opinion, he is right on in his findings. We are just starting, in the first phase of the diet which is mildly restrictive to help you cut your addiction to sugar and bad carbs. We started on Monday, so today is our 6th day on the diet. I was going to wait for one week to weigh myself, but I couldn't resist because Scott has lost about three pounds so far. I got on the scale this morning, and I have lost almost 4 pounds! Hooray, hooray! So if any of you are looking for a good way to change your lifestyle and be healthier all around, this is definitely what I suggest. For as long as I can remember, around 2 or 3 in the afternoon I would feel weak and dizzy and a little faint, and it was a battle to make it through the rest of the day. That is gone on this eating plan. I feel full, and I don't feel weak or dizzy at all. I have to admit that the first four days, all I wanted was to make some cookie dough and eat it raw. And now all I want is to make some of my heavenly rolls and just down them all, but the fact that I feel SO much better keeps me holding strong. And he says that 90% of people after the first phase don't really even crave those things anymore. We'll see, and I will definitely keep you posted!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Julia felt nervous about her surgery and found a safe place to be, under grandpa's fuzzy body pillow where he had been sleeping. She must know that grandpa=safety.
Here's Scott, Haddie and Julie getting ready for surgery. Julia and Hadley were both very brave and did an excellent job. The hardest part of both was watching them come out of anesthesia. Hadley screamed for about 15 minutes and was inconsolable. She would rear her head back and try to push away from me. She didn't know who I was, she didn't know where she was, she was in pain and her world was spinning. It seemed like I just barely got Haddie calmed down and they were bringing Julia in. She was peaceful for the first minute and then she started to wake up. Her teeth would chatter horribly. She was SO cold. She kept acting like she was going to puke. The more awake she became she started trying to jump off of the bed. Then she started trying to pull out her IV and all the other cords that were connected to her. She was wailing that she couldn't talk, that her throat hurt. I have never understood why she doesn't get that crying like that hurts her throat even more. She kept telling me she wanted to go home. Then when the nurse unhooked her and told us we could go, she said she didn't want to go, she wanted to stay right where she was. Funny little girl. I'm glad we did it now though, as hard as it has been for Julia, it was 100 times harder for Scott to have his tonsils out at 27.
Here's Haddie trying to pull the oxygen sensor off of her big toe. We finally just put a sock over it and then she left it alone. I was hesitant that putting tubes in Haddie's ears was the right thing to do until the doctor came out and told us that when he punctured her ear drums to put the tubes in he found SO much puss and infected goo that he had to suction her ears before he could put the tubes in. That kind of problem I don't think would have cleared up on its own no matter what we tried. It's amazing how everything that happened that day and the few days before worked almost like clockwork. The Lord does go before our face and prepare a path for us. When Scott and I were on our anniversary night away we saw a TV advertisement for a CD collection of gospel songs. On of them was "Our God is an awesome God" and as funny as that seemed to us at the time, it really is true.
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Random pictures

We tired out poor Scottie with all the late nights and kid watching. Poor guy.
Julia had to go and snuggle by her daddy.
Ryan got a chess, checkers, chinese checkers game for Christmas. He loves it! This was him recruiting Emily to play with him.
Hadley became quite fond of grandpa. He was her personal property and he took prodigious care of her and spoiled her rotten!
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