Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer swimming!

Look at my little fishes! Such a cute little school of fish. We arrived early at our swimming pool just to make sure it was open and be there before any guests arrived. We took the opportunity for a little photo session. They were all so excited for the fun to begin!
I feel bad because Ryan ended up with a bad sunburn. It was just him, no one else had one. I'm still baffled at why he would be the only one to burn when they are all pastey white. The only thing I can think is Ryan was at cub scout camp all week long and I took the other kids swimming most days for about an hour. Maybe their skin was used to the sun and his wasn't. It's an enigma to be sure!

Happy Birthday Julia!

I'm trying to be a better celebrator. Because Julia's and Scott's birthdays are so close, we decided to do Julia's the Saturday before and Scott's the Friday after. For Julia we had a swimming party and invited 13 friends, only two of her friends and their two siblings showed, but we had fun nonetheless! We were also excited that our cousins and Aunt Laura made it to the celebration! Thanks to all for making Julia's special day a good one!

Bowls and a hat

Haddie looked adorable in this hat. So I had to snap a picture.
Ben was getting very creative with our breakfast bowls. He's an excellent builder!

Newest crochet

I made this necklace for my beautiful, wonderful, fantastic friend Marie, and I made the bag for Emily's friend Bailee who had a birthday and was moving far away:(