Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emily's baptism

What a wonderful day! Emily was baptized and looked beautiful in the dress that I made for her (well, Grandma Oliver helped me get all of the ruffles just right! Thanks Grandma!)
A quick picture of the fam!
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We had visitors in June for Emily's baptism. Grandma and Grandpa Oliver came, but so did Uncle Derek, Aunt Cristina and our two wonderful cousins! We had SO much fun together! We were sad to see everyone go. Thanks for making the trip out!
Jude and Haddie looking at the gorillas at the Ft. Worth Zoo.
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End of the year teacher gifts

I wanted to do something special for my kids teachers since they all did such an awesome job! I finally stumbled upon the idea of making them luch bags. I think they turned out super cute and they are currently my absolute favorite project to make. I love all the different color combinations and how useful they are!
They have a drink pouch on the back for a water bottle...
and a pocket inside for a ice pack. I am in love! I only wish I had an excuse to make myself one, but seeing as how I most often eat my lunch at home, I can't justify it :(
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Congratulations Brent and fam!

Scott's brother Brent graduated from law school in May. What a fantastic achievement. We wanted to support him on his big day, so Scott and I flew out to San Diego to be in attendance. After a frustrating day of flying trying to get around massive walls of storms, Scott and I finally made it and were very glad that we did. Congratulations Brent! We are very proud of you! And we know your family was also a big part in your great achievement!
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Falcon Voices Competition at NRH2O

Julia's 4th grade honor choir "Falcon Voices" had the opportunity to compete at a competition at the local water park NRH2O. They received a superior rating, and had tons of fun playing in the water for the rest of the day! Great job guys :)
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