Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Modest Barbie Quest

I finished a few more outfits for my modest barbie quest. I thought they turned out alright. I especially liked the jeans I made and the blue sweater I knitted. I'm considering adding a long ribbed collar to the sweater. Part of me thinks that would be SO cute and part of me thinks that's entirely too much work to waste on Barbie. What do y'all think?

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Christmas Stockings revisited

Well last year, I had this great idea to make everyone stockings because I haven't been able to find ones that I really like, or that I think fit the personalities of the people in our family. I only got three done. Yesterday I finished three more. Now we're just waiting for Scott's LA Lakers fabric to arrive so I can make the last one!

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

My first Barbie outfit

I found this fabulous website that has free knitting patterns for barbie clothes. This is the first one I have completed, and I thought it turned out rather well.
Hadley has discovered the glories of playing with Barbies. Especially changing their outfits. The clothes that Barbie's come with are so shabbily made (they fall apart quickly) and so immodest that I am on a quest to stock our girls up with sturdy, modest choices for adorning their Barbies.
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Ryan's Birthday

On Saturday it was Ryan's birthday. So, we had a little party for him and some cake at my mom and dad's house with my brothers and sisters, and their spouses and kids. Now that I think about it, my sister Marie and her family needed a break and were swimming at their hotel.
I don't know how, with 23 people celebrating I only managed to get four in the picture. Too silly!
Ryan ended up with five girlfriends, I always knew he'd be popular with the ladies, LOL!
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After dinner

The Hurst's took a post-Thanksgiving dinner nap.
Scott and Angie's husband Brian got into a deep, hour long discussion about life in general.
Some of the Brad Kohler's talking to my brother Jeff.
My mom and two of her sisters, Cathie and Amy, snuck away from everyone to have their conversation. Whatever could they be talking about so seriously?
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Thanksgiving dinner

We actually ate our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead of Thursday. It was my mom's entire extended family (with the exception of three of my cousins who spent the holiday with other parents). That made 68 people in all! It was a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot of fun. My brother Jeff spent a few hours on the phone listening to a class he is taking to pass a financial test.
Julia, once again the cousin with all the "good ideas" got everybody involved in an extensive leaf game that evolved through the hour. At first it was gathering armfuls and throwing them up. Then it turned into building a mound of leaves. Last, cousins all took turns being buried in the leaves.
A lot of cousins came inside from these fabulous games with runny noses and itchy rashes. But at least they had fun :)
More arrivals at the club house in my Grandma and Grandpa's HOA.
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More Thanksgiving fun!

Emma did such a good job taking care of her new cousin Alice. Whenever I could manage to get her away from whoever was holding her, Emma would beg for a turn to hold her sweet cousin!
Julia, always the cousin with the "good ideas" started this rousing indoor ball game. At least no one got hurt, right?
Dad, Mom, my brother Derek and my sister's little boy Kael fill this small kitchen up to the brim!
My parents have attached three swings (securely of course) to the banister upstairs that overlooks the living room. We finally gave into the pleas and got them down. Let the madness begin! We only had one casualty. Little Dexter walked right in front of a swing and got mowed over. But he was okay, just a little stunned.
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Thanksgiving fun!

My brother's little boy Jude decided he really liked Ryan...
and then he decided he really liked Julia...
and then it was back to Grandma who he knows and loves. Notice that Grandma is also holding his new sister Alice!
Cousins were taking a break watching Backyardigans for some down-time!
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