Monday, February 15, 2010

Yes, we are still alive...

I'm just extremely lazy about blogging these days. It feels like so much of my life are the same things over and over. Thanks to wonderful friends and family, I had a wonderful 32nd birthday on the 6th! Thanks for your love and well-wishes. I still have 19 piano students, but we moved them all to Wednesday and Saturday and it has calmed things down considerably at our house. No more wild and crazy banchee children! I still watch the baby who is now almost six months old. She and I have hit our stride and it's fabulous to have her here everyday. She's a sweet little girl.
We had one crazy thing happen yesterday. Which I feel awful about! The kids were downstairs rough-housing a little bit. I asked them to play something else several times, but to no avail. Around 2pm I heard Benjamin scream in pain, but he always screams in pain. I just figured they all needed some direction so I pulled out the hide-away bed and made them all lay on it and watch Adventures from the Book of Virtues (a Sunday staple at our house). At four we drove down to Arlington to see cousins. We ate dinner and after we were finished my sister-in-law asked if Ben had ketchup on his head. I knew that was not a possibility, because of his autistic tendencies he doesn't come anywhere near ketchup. I looked and it was blood. I wiped the blood away to reveal what looked to me to be a pretty substantial puncture wound. So Scott and I took him to the emergency room. Turns out that it's a relatively minor flesh wound that will heal on its own in a couple of weeks. On one hand, I'm glad we went so that I won't continue to worry. But on the other hand, we paid like $200 for them to sanitize and put neosporin on his cut. Something that I could have totally done myself.
I haven't taken many pictures lately either. I tried to download the cutest video of Hadley singing her made up songs looking at my flute music on the music stand. But it was taking a million years, so I abandoned the attempt.
These are the only new pictures I have. The hats I crocheted for my sister marie and her four boys. I know there are only three little boy hats, but the oldest two wanted the exact same colors, so I figured why be repetitive. The bottom picture is a picture Julie took of the pillows she has started lovingly crafting for her friends. A chip of the old crafty block I'd say!
Well, hopefully I'll repent of my neglectful ways and do better posting soon. We love and miss you all!
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