Sunday, January 03, 2010

My favorite picture of our trip

I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip. It accurately portrays how most of us felt most of the time. At one point Haddie just got so sick of everything that she put her blankie over her head and fell asleep. Too funny!
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More Christmas

Grandma bought each of the boy cousins a light saber. They were a hit.
Hadley giving a not so sure cousin Oliver some lovin'.
Ollie and Haddie and Grandpa got a turn to play.
Look at these three cute boy cousins. Oliver, Jude and Dexter. I sure was happy to get some holding time in. I had never even seen Jude, he's so wonderfully adorable. Auntie Heather misses all of you already!
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Christmas in Utah

We drove 23 hours to spend Christmas in Utah with most of my family. Good times--with the exception of the endless hours in the car. Helping kids pee into the tupperware so we didn't have to stop every half an hour, Haddie getting pneumonia and a double ear infection and then waking up every night either at 3am or 5am making me stressed as to how I was going to keep her quiet and happy so as not to wake up the other many people in the house, and then during the day she was such a cranky pants. Ahhhhh! I'm glad to be back home, but we also really did enjoy our Christmas. My kids had SO much fun playing with cousins they hadn't seen for a year and a half. We also took a morning to drive down to BYU and walk around campus. I love that place! I hope at least a few of our kids decide to go there so that I can go back over the years. Thanks Marie and Ryan for letting us come and play at your new house!
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