Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The first day of school 2010!

Here are my kiddos ready for the start of school 2010! I can't believe how time flies. Julia started 4th grade, Emily 2nd and Benjamin Kindergarten (which is all day in our school district). Hadley of course, had to get in the picture with them. She spent the first week of school saying to me, "Julie's at school...Ryan's at school...Emmy's at school...Ben Ben's at school...Daddy's at work." I guess she was bored at home with just me. The little baby I watch didn't come the first week of school because her grandma was up to take care of her. So, it was really weird just having Haddie and I at home all day every day.
Ryan started 5th grade this year, which in our district is at a new school. The 5th and 6th graders go to an intermediate school where they have three teachers instead of just 1 and a locker. I think it's their way of easing them into the transition between Elementary school and Junior high. It has been a great thing for Ryan. I hardly recognize him. He comes straight home from school and does his homework. He does his chores and piano practice without being asked. Somewhere between 4th and 5th grade he has found his responsibility button!

Take 4

We spent the last few days up in Simi Valley and Moorpark with Scott's brothers Nathan and Brian and their families. The girls had a blast with their girl cousins and the boys had fun playing video games with their boy cousins. Sometimes the best part of vacations is just hanging out with family! We had a great time and are already excited to trek back out to California next summer for some more quality family time and to meet our new cousin who will be born in March 2011! Congratulations Brian and Jenni!

Take 3

From San Diego it was on to Oxnard, where Scottie grew up. We spent some time at his parent's house. Our favorite time was probably at the beach. We ended up there for almost 5 hours and we all came home with spectacular sunburns, with the exception of Haddie who was so tired from the trip that she fell asleep and stayed asleep under towels almost the whole time we were there.
Ryan and Julia couldn't get enough of the waves. With their Uncle Adam, they would wait for the waves to come and then try to jump over them. Who needs a surf board when you can just use your body like one?
On our drive up to Oxnard, we stopped in Orange county to see our friends the White Family and spent a very fun and relaxing couple of hours at their house. It was so great to see them again! Thanks White's for letting us stop and giving us delicious cake and ice cream!!!!

Take 2

From Las Cruces it was on to San Diego, California to attend the wedding of Scott's cousin Maggie. The whole wedding was just beautifully done. Hadley, Julie and I got several compliments on our dancing at the reception. The next day they had an open house at the beach, which was also so much fun.
It's always so amazing to spend time with family! Our only complaint was that the water was frightfully COLD!! But that didn't stop the kids from jumping right into the waves.

The massive summer trip--take 1

As many of you know, we drove from our home in Texas to Southern California right before school started to see Scott's family. It was quite the trip. The first leg of our journey was from our house to my aunt and uncle's house in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The were such fabulous hosts. They took us out to this really cool national park called White Sands. Julia was instantly enamored with it, and all my kids loved it.
It was also so much fun to spend some time with family. We love you and miss you already!

Surprise package

I got a box in the mail quite a few weeks ago from my mother-in-law. She must have been going through her things when she found these and thought to herself that with my amazing crafting abilities I could do something with them. Hmmmm. . . . .

Two girls and a hamper

Julia and Haddie were having the time of their life playing with the hamper that usually stays in Haddie's room. We were doing laundry and the hamper got left at the foot of the stairs. It baffles me how kids prefer to play with everyday objects (which you need to keep in working condition to perform the necessary tasks) over their toys which you spend tons of money on and spend tons of time debating over which toy to buy. I guess the best things in life are free.

A girl and her hat

I made this cute little hat for the Hads (A.K.A Hadley). She kept it on really nice so I could take a couple of pictures, and then she wouldn't leave it on her head. So like most of the things I make, it got re-gifted to someone who would really appreciate it. But she did look awfully cute in her pink hat :)

At the zoo!

My sister and her cutie-pie family lived in the DFW area for a couple of months this summer. We LOVED having them close. Right before they left to go back to Utah we all spent a day at the zoo. What spectacular fun! My favorite was a chimpanzee with her new baby monkey, but no matter how many pictures I took, none of them turned out (discouraged snapping here). So you'll just have to look at pictures of us humans.

Curly Jules!

Julia had been begging and begging my for curls. Here's the result. What a b-e-a-utiful girl!