Monday, December 07, 2009

The Golden Gate Basketball Hoop

This is the "Adjust and Jam" Litte Tikes Basketball Set we bought for Benjamin's 5th Birthday. I would not suggest buying it. It has been a nothing but a major pain in my side. First the net would not stay in place. I finally got twisty ties that come with garbage bags and rigged them into each and every slot to keep the net in place. PAIN! Then the rim would not stay up, it kept falling down. Finally I noticed a hole in the middle of the plastic rim closest to the backboard and I figured out a way to jimmy rig the thing up and over the backboard with some yarn. The yarn that I used was made out of cotton, so it kept ripping. So then, I decided to reinforce the yarn with masking tape. AAAHHHHHHHHHH!! Is anyone else sick of this basketball hoop yet?
Yesterday the yarn that had not been reinforced with masking tape ripped. So I took all of that yarn off and decided that an acrylic yarn would probably work better. So, that is what I spent this morning doing. Hopefully, it will last longer than 1 day. I think my next stop is wire if the acrylic yarn doesn't work. Anyway, we have taken to calling it the Golden Gate Basketball hoop since the rigging resembles the wiring on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And remember dear friends, if the plastic of the rim does not directly insert into the plastic of the backboard, DO NOT BUY THE DANG THING!
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