Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Head shots

We recently got family pictures taken and these are the headshots of the kids.

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Family pictures

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Family Pictures 2

Some more of our fabulous pictures. Thanks again Jaime they turned out super cute!

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Tired daddy

I often stumble upon Scott in this position near the end of the day. He works hard, and the scriptures are so comforting and peaceful, they often lull us to sleep. In fact, I always say (and I know I should try harder to do better) that the two and a half hours a month I spend at the temple are the best hours of sleep I get all month!
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Julia's Birthday

We had a fun friend party on Julia's actual birthday (that's the one nice thing about having your birthday in the summer). She had an ice cream cake--delish!
She got to invite four friends over and we played the infamous dime in the flour game.
Presents--always a plus!
Julia penned this sign herself. Instructions, if you will, for her guests. Happy birthday little love! I'm glad you came to our family all those years ago!
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