Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Surge of Craftiness

Here are the newest completed crochet projects. I made this d0-rag for Julia's friend's birthday. I made the pattern up myself and I think it turned out marvelously.
The red, white and black flower necklace I made for my mom.
It was my sister-in-law Cristina's birthday almost a month ago. And terrible sister-in-law that I am, I finally completed her dishcloth set and sent it home with my mom to give to her.
Happy Birthday sweet Cristina! We feel lucky to have you in our family!
And last, but not least, the final necklace was one I made for my sister Angie while she was visiting because she's just super nifty!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Julia's baptism

We had a wonderful event to celebrate in our family this week. That in fact, is why my mom and dad came from Utah to Texas to see us. Julia got baptized. It was such a wonderful day. I just wish that they would have separated the nine kids they had to baptize that day into two separate sessions. It dragged on and on until all the little kids just couldn't take it anymore! But we do feel proud of Julia, her choice, and the young lady she's turning into!
I should add that I was a silly girl and decided to make Julia a dress the Tuesday before her baptism. I really struggled with the idea of having her baptized in a jumpsuit, I also didn't want to ruin the sacred occasion with too much pomp and primp. But I love the symbolism of the three white dresses (their blessing dress, baptism dress and wedding dress) and I just want that for my girls.
Anyway, I mention this because my mom is amazing. I had most of the dress done, but couldn't figure out how to put sleeves on it. My mother the genius went to work and did the hardest part sewing that whispy fabric that's so hard to sew. But thanks to her the dress turned out beautifully!

Fun with family

My mom and dad came down for Julia's baptism and brought with them my sister Angie and her two beautiful boys. It's been a fun week of playing and enjoying some time together!