Monday, February 28, 2011

Lyvia's pony

I made this pretty pony for my niece Lyvia's birthday. I hope she loves it and I hope she has a very happy birthday!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recent craftiness

I don't know what possessed me, but I decided around my birthday that I wanted to make a gift for everyone in my and Scott's immediate families. Siblings, spouses, parents, grandparents and nieces and nephews. I love all of them so much and want them to have something special that they can look at and remember how much I love them. I made a calendar and put everyone's birthday in order. 51 presents total! Yikes! I knew that June was a busy month--13 birthdays, but I had no idea that March was so crazy--11 birthdays. So, I have been turning out projects like a crazy person. I made this tie for my sister's husband Ryan.
This tie for my nephew Oliver.
This church bag for my sister-in-law Natalie.
And this outfit for my cute little Haddles. It wasn't her birthday, I had just already purchased the pattern and all the material and wanted to get it done before the winter was completely over and she was too much bigger. The picture doesn't do it justice either, she looks simply delicious in her little outfit!
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Hadley's revenge

For some reason, Hadley was just really fiesty. Ben and Ryan walked in on her alone playing time and she decided that she didn't like that. She totally started taking them down! She was pushing them all around and pretty much kicking their butts in a wrestling match. They weren't really trying very hard to win, because they thought it was hillarious!

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Moving day

Sadly, in January, Hadley's best friend Halle and her family moved away. Hadley doesn't look sad at all in the pictures because she thought we were just going over to visit Halle. No matter how many times I told her that this was probably the last time she'd see Halle, she just couldn't fathom the idea. She still can't. She'll say to me, "I want to go to Halle's." And all the explaining in the world can't convince her that we can't go to Halle's anymore :(
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Big messes

I came into the music room after Hadley and Ben had been suspiciously quiet for quite some time. When I walked in this is what I saw and Haddie immediately, and happily announced, "Look momma! I made a lot!"
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