Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We finally broke down and consented to let the kids have a cat. I thought it would be a nuisance, but we all have loved our new family member! She is a grey and white cat, which makes it funny to me that they decided to name her Oreo (oreos are BLACK and white). But at least they all finally agreed on something!
She likes to look out the windows. Poor thing spends half of the day meowing, begging me to let her go outside!
I swear she thinks Hadley is her kitten. Whenever Haddie lays on her bed this is where Oreo goes. She licks her head and runs her paws through her hair like she's grooming Haddie. It's the craziest thing! And Haddie just lies there and loves every minute of it!
This was cat watching over her "kitten" when Haddie had her recent bout with a stomach bug. Oreo did the same thing for Julia--laid above her head on the bed the whole time Julia was sick. Sweet cat!
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andi said...

What a cute kitty! I love that she's taken Haddie as her own.

Rob O said...

Well, mom can't visit now!

Wandering Star said...

I just love your blog about your beautiful family.

honeyclarck said...

Thanks for the mention! We're happy to hear you enjoy our interactive story. :) We think it'll be a fun way to pass the time with Test Killer post.