Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

Here they are: ninja, pirate, greek goddess, cleopatra and mermaid!
Hadley and her "best friend" Lucy both ended up as mermaids this year and spent the entire trunk or treat together. The little skeleton in the background is one of my "babies" from nursery!
This is Ben and one of his good friends from our ward. Couldn't even wait 30 seconds to get some of the delicious candy into their mouths. And that folks, is all she wrote!
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Rob O said...

How fun! I love the costumes.

Kristie said...

Love all the fun costumes!! Happy Halloween!

Angie said...

Your girls all look like such pretty pretty princesses! And your boys, so tough and manly! I also am just very happy that Ben's friend was Harry Potter. ;)