Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school 2011

The fabulous four ready for their first day of school! I was awaiting this day all summer long, and then I was taken by suprise. I got a little teary eyed thinking of how big they all are, how much I love them, and how much I'll miss them while they are gone! I love all of you!
My big 5th and 6th grader off to the intermediate school!
My 3rd and 1st grader ready to hit the halls of the elementary school once again!
The little one left home all alone with only mom for company. She's already bored out of her mind and we're on day #2. Preschool cannot start soon enough! I just have to add here the name of this baby doll...Great Big Baby. The originality kills me every time I think of her name!
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andi said...

They ARE all so grown up! I love Hadley's doll! (She'll miss that one-on-one time with her mama soon enough!)

Panamenos said...

They ARE so grown up! Wow!

Yeah for school! Hope they all have great years.

Rob O said...

Such handsome and beautiful kids!

Angie said...

Your beautiful children are all getting so big! I love Emily's stylish outfit, by the way. :)

Cristina said...

Holy cow! First day off school and Emily and Ryans bag looks filled to bursting. These kids work hard! Good luck guys!

Jan Oliver said...

I love all of your kids, too! Yeah, Haddie's dolls name was definitely good for a chuckle. I hope we get to see you guys again before too long.